5 Things That Can Trigger Anxiety Symptoms

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5 Things That Can Trigger Anxiety Symptoms

AnxietyMany people who struggle with anxiety disorders in Port Washington find that certain things can trigger anxiety symptoms, making the stress and fearfulness worse. Everyone’s anxiety triggers are different. Some triggers exacerbate anxiety by making a person nervous or reminding them of something they’re afraid of; others heighten anxiety due to physiological effects. These five categories of anxiety triggers are generally among the most common for people with anxiety disorders in Port Washington:


#1: Beverages

Caffeine is the beverage ingredient most likely to trigger anxiety symptoms. Caffeine is a stimulant, and although it is relatively mild, many people with anxiety disorders are unusually sensitive to its effects. Caffeine is in many beverages, including places you wouldn’t expect it to be— an example is Sunkist orange soda. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are often best avoided if you have anxiety symptoms and are feeling on-edge. The stimulant effects of caffeine can make someone even more shaky and nervous, or even lead to the onset of a panic attack. Alcohol is another beverage component that, for many people, can trigger anxiety symptoms. Although alcohol is a depressant and many people associate it with relaxing effects, it can heighten anxiety, fear, and stress for some people, especially in high doses.


#2: Major Life Changes

Anxiety symptoms in Port Washington often surface in response to major life changes. People with anxiety disorders often experience an increase in anxiety symptoms during life events like bereavement or the loss of a job. Even positive events, such as getting married or going away to college, can cause anxiety.


#3: Asthma

Asthma can actually trigger anxiety symptoms for people in Port Washington who suffer from both conditions. The effects of asthma on breathing can also make someone more likely to have panic attacks.


#4: Unpleasant Memories

Being reminded of a bad memory, especially of a situation related to anxiety, can trigger anxiety symptoms for some patients in Port Washington. Although unpleasant memories should not be repressed— this leads to psychological problems and worsens anxiety— intrusive memories of unpleasant or anxiety-triggering events can be diminished over time. Sometimes the memories in question need to be confronted, often with the help of a psychotherapist.


#5: Comorbid Conditions

Many people who struggle with anxiety symptoms in Port Washington also suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, or another psychological condition. Anxiety disorders are bad enough on their own, but it is not at all uncommon for someone to be afflicted with more than one mood disorder. Anxiety disorders like Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder frequently occur in conjunction with Major Depressive Disorder, a common mood disorder distinguished by low energy, sleeping problems, negative self-image, and sad or empty moods. Bipolar disorder, which involves both depressive episodes and high-energy manic or hypomanic episodes, can also occur with anxiety. People in Port Washington who suffer from both anxiety symptoms and ADHD may find themselves becoming anxious when ADHD symptoms interfere with school, work, or home life.


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