The Differences in ADD/ ADHD Treatment for Adults vs Children

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The Differences in ADD/ ADHD Treatment for Adults vs Children

Living in a time where everyone is on the go and there never seems to be enough hours in the day can make anyone of any age feel that their attention span is greatly lacking – especially for those in fast-paced areas such as New York. Smithtown offers a wide array of ADD/ ADHD treatment options to adults and children alike. While certain underlying signs and symptoms are typical to both children and adults who are diagnosed with the nerve disorder, their presence can frequently be difficult to discern, particularly if an adult with ADD was not diagnosed as a child.Health professionals use rating scales to determine if an adult meets the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Many times when an adult is diagnosed, it brings a sense of relief because it explains many things they’ve experienced as they were growing up.

The main distinction between the childhood and adult versions of ADD/ADHD is that for adults, the most typical element of ADD/ADHD may be the lack of ability to focus. This will frequently manifest itself in forgetfulness, negligence, and insufficient productivity within the place of work. In children, there’s also a high amount of impulsiveness and uneasiness.

The Main Difference in Treatments

Treatment methods for children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are not that different, but there are certain things that distinguish them from one another. In regards to medication, there are many more approved drugs for children. This is because the disorder is more prevalent in children and these drugs are produced for children. Adults have less options when it comes to medication; however, alternative therapies are in great demand these days such and for residents of Smithtown the New Life and Wellness center specializes in natural treatments.

When it comes to therapy, children with ADD may undergo extensive and efficient therapy that examines variables, causes, and mental factors. This type of therapy does not always work for adults. Adults typically respond easier to training versus therapy, which is centered on organization and planning that can be purposely incorporated in their lives.

Although adult ADD treatment can seem pretty limited, there is an alternative option available that has been shown to be very effective. Neurofeedback therapy is a technologically sophisticated therapy created for teaching the mind to self-regulate problems with disorders, such as ADD/ADHD. This therapy teaches the individual to retrain their brain waves. Does this seem too good to be real? Incredibly, it isn’t. For residents of Smithtown interested in learning more about this non-invasive brain training technique visit or call the New Life Wellness Center @ 631-265-1223 or visit our website:

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